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B Other terms edit chucha used in Colombia in reference to mujeres que buscan hombres rio cuarto offensive body odor.
For instance: Venga, dame eso y para ya de tocarme los cojones Come on, give me that and stop bothering.
It is used for everything from cold beer to days off.
In such regions, telefonos de mujeres cachondas it is commonly heard in the phrase (La) concha (de) tu madre!Text "IAepx9e" ignored ( help Text "IAexPVB" ignored ( help Text "IAjld1n " ignored ( help ) "La Ficha Pop".It carries about the same weight as the American usages of the words someone's) asshole" or "the crack of (someone's) ass." Fundío refers literally to the anus and is not used as a personal insult.(person) who tramples Christs "blasphemous person and much more.Bombillas are used for drinking mate by sucking into them etc.As in 'Vea ese pirobo' Look at that dude playo flat used in Costa Rica.Citation needed This word has many meanings in the Spanish language, most limited to Mexico: a Adjective 16 for damage (e.g.Chinga tu madre Fuck your mother is considered to be extremely offensive.Other terms: afeminado, chivo, colizón, comilón, fleto, homo, homogay (combination of the English loanwords "homo" and "gay julandrón, julai (shortened form of julandrón plon, plumón, puñal, rosquete, sarasa, roscón, et cetera.Roto / rota (lit.: "broken specifically refers to the anus.Parcha / parchita (corruption of "parga a female pargo ) sucia (lit.: "dirty woman used as an ironic term of endearment among male homosexuals trolo used in Argentina trucha (lit.: "trout trabuco - used in Peru and Argentina, referring to a transexual man.Vagina )in Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Panama, Peru and Venezuela it is a commonly used generic filler.A Alternative ways demonstrating the meaning in the first context are: follar, echar un polvo, (Spain cogerse (Argentina chimar, pisar (Central America culear (Chile and Colombia) and cachar ciega a citas espana wikipedia (Peru)."ass face used to describe an unpleasant face expression) are regularly used.
How do you do, pal?
Pony, due to their average height).
Pato (lit.: "duck used in Puerto Rico, Panama, Cuba and Venezuela.
Literally translated from Guarani meaning pig skin.
"Análisis semántico y sintáctico de las frases idiomáticas compuestas con las palabras 'padre' y 'madre' en el español de México" (Doctoral dissertation).
The word chula is a completely benign reference to an adorable female or feminine object, as in "Ay, que chula!".
What a dumbass!" as when a strange woman behaves offensively, then suddenly leaves).See also: Marcha de las Putas Racial and ethnic derogatives edit word endings such as aco.To some extent, it can also be used with an ironically positive connotation meaning great, amazing, phenomenal, or bad-ass."crying cyclops "chacal de las zorras" (lit.In Panama "la cagada" the shit refers to something or someone that makes everything else go wrong or the one detail that is wrong about something (and is thus the complete opposite of the American slang the shit.g., Ese man es la cagada That.Vivo por casa del culo /en el culo del mundo lit.Culito ( little ass ) is used by younger men to refer to women in a sexual context; it is also used to refer to the buttocks in an inappropriate but affectionate way.17 When used to describe a person, it describes someone who likes to fight, or a troublemaker (i.e.For instance, after hearing a joke or funny comment from your friend, you laugh and say "haha sí eres marico haha" which would be equivalent to "haha you crack me up man." a Derivatives of marica / maricón : maricona used in southern Spain.

So, to say about anyone that es un gilipollas means that he is stupid/ annoying permanently, while to say está agilipollado reflects both his present state and the fact that it could change at any time to a non agilipollado one.
The word mariposón big ol' butterfly may also be used.
An old usage is similar to that of "pendejo namely, to imply that the subject is stubborn or in denial about being cheated, hence the man has "horns" like a goat (extremely insulting).